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Introduction to Solids:
Tuesday, September 14th                       6:30-8pm        Beautiful Birth Choices
Tuesday, November 9th                          6:30-8pm         Beautiful Birth Choices
These classes will be held in person at Beautiful Birth Choices 
681 Winton Rd. North, Rochester NY, 14609
*As always for virtual options the webinar is always available here! 
Introduction to Solids

Learn how to introduce solids to your baby and lay the foundation for life-long healthy eating habits. This class will provide an outline of the various approaches to introducing solids, important skills needed for feeding as well as related developmental milestones, and theories on managing mealtimes in the first two years of life and beyond. In this 90-minute class, you will learn how to create positive mealtimes, support the development of oral motor coordination, sensory processing and self-feeding skills, and manage some of the common challenges during this transition.  This class is appropriate for expectant parents and parents of infants who will soon start or already have begun the transition to solids. Virtual classes only at this time.

Interested in the webinar version? View the class when it is convenient for you! Webinar includes four modules ranging from 9-16 minutes each and parent handouts.

Managing Mealtimes with Picky Eaters

Feeding challenges, including “picky eating”, are extremely stressful for parents, caregivers, and children. Learn how to reset the mealtime dynamic in order to support positive changes in your child’s eating habits and bring enjoyment back to the table. Join us for a 90-minute class to learn how to effectively manage mealtimes with children of any age, skill level, and temperament. Topics will include how to structure mealtimes and support participation in family mealtimes as well as strategies to encourage your child to explore new foods.

Interested in the webinar version? View the class when it is convenient for you! Webinar includes three modules ranging from 6-19 minutes each and parent handouts.