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Stacia Paganelli, MA, CCC-SLP, CLC

Speech Pathologist & Certified Lactation Counselor 
Email: stacia@helpwithfeeding.com
Call/text: 585-698-9114


Nicole DiMartino


Meet Nicole, speech-pathologist and lactation counselor, the mother of two little ones, and my sounding board for all things feeding. She is knee deep in the season of early motherhood which provides a realtime perspective on how we can best support moms and babies in this crazy world we women are living in. 

I'm Stacia (pronounced "stay-shuh") Paganelli, a speech-pathologist and lactation counselor in Rochester, NY with over 20 years of experience working with mothers and babies. My passion is supporting breast- and bottle-feeding with a focus on wellness for both the mother and baby. I am also a mother of two, wife, daughter, and sister with all the complexities that come along with all of those roles. My journey into motherhood was not what I expected and began a winding, sometimes painful, exploration of my own identity and struggle to manage my professional life in addition to being the primary caregiver for my boys.

When I'm not thinking about how to help mothers and babies, you can find me snuggling my pup, Rosie, while reading a good book, doing yoga, or spending time with my closest friends. I am a true introvert and love quiet time for creative projects and writing.

My personal experiences, passion for working with tiny babies, as well as the transformations I have seen in mothers I work with when they are provided with evidence-based information and holistic support have all led me to expand Help with Feeding as a private practice and safe space where mothers and babies can get the care they need. I believe that infant feeding wellness services are as important as therapy and am determined to reach as many new mothers as I can, especially those who will return to work (inside or) outside the home.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need Help with Feeding!

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"The support I received was my lifeline. There were times that my only support system was coming from feeding therapy. When I started feeding therapy I went in not knowing anything about it. After my first appointment I realized I wasn’t crazy, that Micah really had a lot of things going on. Being told I couldn’t force Micah to eat, and to follow his cues took so much pressure off of me.  Open lines of communication with sharing videos and concerns all while getting tips and tricks of different things to try. Understanding, compassion, and the confidence in me as a mom that I received at every appointment was exactly what I needed to get through until my next appointment."                                                 
                     - Heidi, mother of 4

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