Zoli Chubby Gummy Massager

These work great as a first toothbrush, teether, and tool for self-feeding.  Easy to hold and the disc prevents baby from gagging herself. 

Rubbermaid Litterless Juice Box

Excellent for teaching straw   drinking to babies as young as 7 months.  Narrow base allows for little hands to hold and use independently while sitting in a high chair. Parents can gently squeeze to help bring the liquid up and teach baby how to drink.

ezpz mat

These silicone mats are excellent for introducing solids using either a baby led weaning or traditional spoon-feeding approach.  They are also great for dips and dippers!

Spoon Feeder

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Choomee Dip'n Spoons 

Great first utensils for infants that also double as teethers! Helps babies learn to chew and self-feed starting with their first solid food experiences.


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