Important Developmental Milestones
  • 10-12 feedings per day
  • sleeps 16-17 hours per day
  • 4 dirty diapers per day


 2-3 months: brings hands to mouth

 2-4 months: sucking reflex integrates; feeding  becomes voluntary and infant has control

 4 months: brings hands to mouth while holding  an object


Feeding Guidelines
  • Offer the breast or bottle in response to early feeding cues every 2-3 hours

  • Feed your newborn when she is calm and alert

  • Allow your baby to choose if and how much she wants to eat

Common Challenges
  • Poor weight gain

  • Difficulty latching

  • Maternal nipple pain

  • Coughing/choking during feeding

  • Gagging

  • Prolonged feeding times

  • Tongue tie