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Listen to Your Instincts

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Crying, not sleeping, screaming during feedings, pushing away, spitting up... sound familiar? It's hard to know what is normal, especially if this is your first baby. Many parents tell us that they have voiced concerns about feeding during appointments with their pediatrician, but they do not feel "heard". What do you do when you feel like something is just not right?

Go with your gut. Whether you think there is something going on like reflux, some type of food intolerance, or even an issue with sucking skills, keep searching for answers. The best way to help providers understand what is going on is through videos (of what happens when you try to feed her a bottle), photos (poop or spit up is always telling), or detailed diaries of what is going on in a 24-hour period. That doctor is not up all night with a screaming baby who cries to eat, but then cries more after they are fed. Let them see what that looks like or sounds like; take notes on exactly how long your infant slept (or didn't sleep) from 8pm-8am. Help them see the full picture.

Pediatricians are a wonderful resource, but do not be afraid to add other professionals to your baby's team. Gastroenterologists, allergists, and ENTs, as well as physical, occupational, and speech therapists will all offer new perspectives to help guide you and your baby on the path to more enjoyable mealtimes. And while they are all experts in their areas of specialty, remember that you are the expert on your child.

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