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Choomee Dip'n Spoons
Great first utensils for infants that also double as teethers! Helps babies learn to chew and self-feed starting with their first solid food experiences.

Zoli Chubby Gummy Massager

These work great as a first toothbrush, teether, and tool for self-feeding. Easy to hold and the disc prevents baby from gagging herself. 

NumNum Gootensil

Another great first utensil for babies learning to eat solid food. Easy to hold and manipulate independently for even the littlest mealtime partners!

Banana Brush

This is a fantastic tool for supporting oral exploration and doubles as a first toothbrush. The banana brush can also be used at mealtimes, dipped in purees to support self-feeding and the emergence of chewing skills. 

Avent Soft Spouted First Sippy Cup

A great way to introduce cup drinking to young babies. Soft spout allows them to chew and explore while they are learning to take small sips of liquid. Handles are also great for self-feeding skills.

Rubbermaid Litterless Juice Box

Excellent for teaching straw drinking to babies as young as 7 months. Narrow base allows for little hands to hold and use independently while sitting in a high chair.

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup

Great next step for babies who have mastered straw drinking. Harder to suck from, but less messy. Handles are perfect for little hands to hold and use independently.

Baby Food Feeder 

Use this silicone feeder to introduce your baby to table food without having to worry about choking! It's great for teaching chewing skills and allowing your baby to participate in stress-free, enjoyable family mealtimes! Easy to clean and hold. 

Munchkin Squeeze Baby Dispensing Spoon

This is a nice option for babies who are having a difficult time accepting a bottle. The chamber can hold breastmilk or formula and babies can suckle the contents off the spoon. 

ezpz Mini Mat

This silicone mat is excellent for introducing solids using either a baby led weaning or traditional spoon-feeding approach. They are also great for dips and dippers! Fits on and sticks to most high chair trays.

ezpz Tiny Bowl

This silicone bowl is a great tool when encouraging babies to self-feed with fingers or a spoon. Fits on and sticks to most high chair trays. 

Munchkin Silicone Trainer Spoon

This is a perfect first spoon for infants. It's soft, flexible texture is great for teething babies and supports chewing even with purees. The chunky handle is easy to hold and the guard helps prevent baby from pushing the spoon too far in her mouth.

The First Years Take & Toss Toddler Flatware

Great utensils for babies who are self-feeding. The fork is especially geared toward older babies and with multiple utensils in each pack, can be pre-loaded and used to keep mealtime going. 

Bumkins SuperBibs

Easy clean up for messy mealtimes! These washable bibs can be cleaned with soap and water in the kitchen sink and will be dry by your next meal!

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair - Recommended by physical therapists and feeding specialists for its appropriate support for infants and toddlers during mealtime. Great for all stages of feeding development and allows baby to participate in family mealtimes. Baby can sit up or recline.  

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair - This chair can be used for a wide age range including infants through school-age children. Add-ons include an infant insert (seat), tray, and back and seat cushions for older children.