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Outpatient Feeding Services

If you are concerned about your child's feeding skills, an outpatient feeding evaluation can be extremely helpful in determining underlying causes, providing guidance, and identifying goals of therapy. The evaluation is billed through your insurance company and follow up visits are often covered as well (with a private pay option available if needed).


Therapy services are all provided based on the Responsive Feeding Approach and in the comfortable, family-friendly environment of our therapy center.


It’s as easy as calling 585-258-3811 to schedule

the initial visit.  You can leave the rest up to us!

Services include: 

  • Lactation counseling

  • Breast/bottle-feeding support

  • Introduction to solids

  • Eliminating gagging/choking at mealtimes

  • Improving tolerance of food textures/flavor

  • Improving chewing skills

  • Transition to table foods

  • Transition from breast/bottle to cup

Parent Education Classes
Introduction to Solids
Managing Mealtimes with Picky Eaters
Help with Feeding
Support for infants & toddlers

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Disclaimer: This information is not to replace professional support that may be available to you/your

child through local speech pathologists or occupational therapists with expertise in feeding.  

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