Important Developmental Milestones

​ 10-12 months: eats coarsely chopped  table foods; bites throughs soft whole foods  such as cereal bars & avocado slices

 12-14 months: brings filled spoon to mouth,  turning it over en route

 13-15 months: adequately chews some meats  and  raw vegetables; takes bites of whole foods,  both  soft and hard

 15-18 months: scoops food and brings spoon to  the mouth with some spilling

 19-24 months: chews meat competently

 20-22 months: holds a small open cup in one  hand while drinking

 24 months: brings spoon and fork to the mouth  with hand palm up; mature rotary chewing  pattern observed


Mealtime Advice

  • Offer structured meals and snacks

  • Provide 2-3 age-appropriate foods in small amounts

  • Encourage your toddler to use her fingers, dippers or utensils to self-feed

  • Model eating and engage your child with conversation

Common Challenges

  • Gagging or spitting out food

  • Refusing to self-feed

  • Continued reliance on milk/formula for primary nutrition

  • Texture preferences and food refusals

  • "Picky eating"